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Do you need a reliable crane hire service for hot tub installation? We are here for you.

Many hot tub suppliers will deliver directly to your door, but leave you to deal with the logistical challenge of lifting your new hot tub into place. A hot tub is a considered purchase and by attempting to move it, you risk causing costly damage to the tub, or your property.

Don’t struggle needlessly. If restricted access is presenting challenges, or you are simply not confident about moving your hot tub, we can help. If you need a reliable domestic crane hire contractor in Scotland, call PSG Marine and Logistics today on 01349 842 738

Crane Hire for Lifting and Relocating Hot Tubs

At PSG Marine and Logistics, we have helped many residents in Scotland relocate their hot tubs and are well placed to meet your requirements. We can safely lift your hot tub via crane over your house, then lower it into position in your back garden. 

We can also arrange to remove an existing hot tub from your property, whether you wish to sell or dispose of it. So, if you need to place or remove a hot tub, contact our crane hire team in Scotland today on 01349 842 738.

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